Friday, July 22, 2011

University Politics

           I happen to have studied in a university where the politics were led by the wealthiest and ironically, the money hungry class of students. The height of all this was at the eve of the campaign period. The whole set up was a clear epitome of whatever was happening at the national level campaigns with each manner of inanity very well represented at the university level. I knew this would be a great period to monitor; and what a great source of inspiration it turned out to be for my essays. Each passing day there was something new; something worth highlighting an essay.
            This was a great opportunity for every kind of showoffs to come and showcase their worth and the amount of impact they can make over a crowd, each trying to out wins each other, seeing who the real crowd puller is. Everyone had his or her way of causing a flurry everywhere they went for a gathering. Some would make sure that they would be followed by a large motorcade everywhere they went, making sure that the cars were of the best models in the market just to showcase their power of money. Of course these were rented cars just for the show.
            Seeing them step on a platform and address a group of rowdy students, with the majority having been hired to appreciate every comment they made, however nonsensical it was, was just a real turn off. It was very apparent that some of the promises, which I preferred referring to them as lies to avoid disappointments afterwards, were very unachievable and were only being made to create an impression that these guys were actually serious while in the real sense, some of them did not know the roles of the slots that they were vying for. This would be made worse by their act of covering every interesting landmark in the university with large extravagant posters with elf portraits and a laughable slogan incorporated in the design to lure the undecided students in to voting for them come polling day.
            Those who were lucky enough to win slots in the students governing body would vanish from the student’s limelight, make rare appearances for their unit classes never to be heard from again. The only time you get to hear about them is when there are complaints about misused funds meant for development projects.

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