Thursday, September 8, 2011

Online Education

With the advancement in the technology era, education has since been affected as well, upgrading to a whole different level due to the developing information technology. Broad-band Internet technology now allows high schools and college courses to be available online, in what is known as online education formats. Thus, this means that anyone can obtain a high school or college degree from the comforts of their homes, without the even stepping foot into any tertiary or higher learning institution. 

The high technology world now makes traditional instructions, which are often given verbally or written, obsolete. Lectures, handouts, test scenario and worksheets are given online through the institutions, which are also very interactive. Classes offered are in various subjects inclusive of basic general knowledge and specialty courses. Students that are engage to online schooling will only be supervised by teachers located at a regular public school.
Online students are allows to take courses or subjects synchronously with classes which are being taught in real time.  Classes will be broadcast over the computer screen, equipped with communicating options between the peers or with the teacher.  Communication with classmates and the instructor or teachers is made possible through web-based communication systems. As per real time classroom, assignments are given out and could be completed and submitted online with the same date line as per the students in the class. 

Therefore, any essay or term paper are submitted this manner too. Hence, traveling is not involved and is very convenient to anyone as they can access at any place with a computer equipped with Internet capability.
Lately, more and more post-secondary institutions as well as tertiary education institutions are offering flexible program which is very convenient. However, do be more cautious when signing up for Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate levels education through the online system. Do ensure that the degree or programs are recognized and accreditated, especially when higher levels are concern, such as Masters or Doctorate which later involves the submission of research papers and dissertation as wells. 

Hence, online education is now not limited anymore, and is open to anyone who has Internet access.  There isn’t much cost involve as all that is needed is a mere computer or laptop, Internet access and a desire and passion to learn.